We Deliver Leaders
& Take the Scary Out of Change!

We promote roundtable leadership as a formula for
sustainable success: the #1 missing ingredient in
organizations today!


We Bring the Credibility and Experience
of Validated Leaders.

Our leaders come from a variety of disciplines coming together to
mastermind, partner and advise you on how to
effectively navigate challenges.

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The Avalon Institute

The Avalon Institute was founded in 2016 as a boutique consulting firm specializing in neuroleadership, emotional intelligence and customized strategic planning. Our Roundtable Leadership™ principles reflect our unique approach to promoting innovation, collaboration, commitment and culture as the foundations for success. We provide cutting-edge assessments that allow individuals and teams to better understand, develop and tap into their best selves with techniques that foster greater collective energy and produce exceptional results.

Tailored Team Support

We promote collaboration, commitment and culture as the foundations for your success. We team with your team to tackle your complex challenges!

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Neuroleadership and Cognitive Performance

Our Cognitive Performance solution sets you and your team up to be a more adaptive leader in your market.

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Emotional Intelligence

We promote a better understanding of your team's emotions to better manage relationships within teams and engagements with customers.

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Professional Dynametric Program

Today, the success of your team requires a much more adaptive form of leadership to thrive in a marketplace that is increasingly dynamic.

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Customized Strategic Planning and Consultation

We are who the consultants consult... ready to accompany your team for the entire journey.

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Executive and Management Coaching

Everybody needs a coach! Our teammates are C-Suite ready with validated experience and credentials.

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Cognitive Performance and Neuroleadership Philosophy

  • Our Cognitive Performance solution sets you up to be a more adaptive leader.
  • This solution coincides exactly with the variables that have been celebrated and proven over the last 27-years in the best places to work in the entire world.
  • We have distilled our solution down to three simple rules which help you to ensure you succeed within the top-ten percent of high-performing and successful organizations on the planet.

Corporate CEO
Major Fortune 500 Firm

"The Avalon Institute's goal is to equip you with the awareness and tools to ensure your people quit running FROM work and begin running TO work!"