#Cognitive Peak Profile Appraisal

Cognitive Peak Profile Appraisal

Assess your unique Cognitive Preferences quickly and accurately.

Our CPP Appraisal provides you with easy to utilize cognitive hacks (CogHacks™) to eliminate blind spots in your thought processes and help you to understand how they affect others.

  • Easy to read output in MSWord & PDF formats: Download & reference your scoring anytime.
  • Follow-Up Consultation Available: Phone or Video Chat to discuss your unique preferences.
  • Strategy Suggestions: Detailed analysis of your scores to pinpoint your best Cognitive Assets.
Cognitive Hacks

How it Works

In just 20 minutes, our CPP Appraisal delivers scores for the key components your brain activates for information. Determine whether you are a Sequential or Associative processor and learn about your iMORTaL™ Domains: Mover, Observer, Reader, Talker and Listener.

Why it Works

Our CPP Appraisal utilizes proprietary methods developed by experts in neuroleadership and behavioral science who have conducted research across thousands of responses to ensure quick and accurate results.

How Does It Work?

  1. After purchasing the online format, you receive an email with simple instructions on how to instantly access your test.
  2. You take the test. (About 15 minutes to complete.)
  3. The system calculates your Cognitive Peak Profile scores instantly and creates your customized feedback report.
  4. Your report will allow you to expand your universe of effective actions and utilize this knowledge to positively impact the people with whom you work, manage, influence, and love.

$59.95 Per Position

with 90-min telephone coaching: add $350
In-Person Mentoring per 8-hour day plus travel: add $2500

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