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From Technical Expert to Successful Leader

This is a story about the transition from Technical Expert to Successful Leader.  Following a one-year tour in Afghanistan, I was reassigned to an Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar facility.  Not just any ATC facility, but one of the larger and busier ones—the 2nd busiest joint-use airfield in the Air Force. The 15-position facility is…

The Leaders Harvest - The Avalon Institute
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The Leader’s Harvest

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson Seeds are very curious entities—small, innocuous . . . mostly overlooked. Incredibly, they are filled with an amazing power for growth — A growth for greatness. The same can be said for your capability to seeding leadership potential! A farming friend…

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Climate Assessment Through Feedback

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” Ken Blanchard Sadly, the following is a true story: I had been tasked to provide a briefing to a leader whose reputation had preceded him by a wide margin.  This particular leader was extremely powerful in his area of performance, and was widely known for a brash personality.  When…

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