Employee Engagement

Leaders are ultimately responsible for the performance, values, and workplace atmosphere they create. There are a variety of reasons for disengaged employees: individualism, feelings of not being valued, perceived lack of fairness, toxic organizational culture and increasing disparity in generational gaps. At Avalon we are well versed at identifying root causes and developing strategies to help you overcome employee disengagement—accelerating the pathway to success.

One of the greatest challenges facing companies today is leading and integrating the millennial generation. By the year 2020, millennials are projected to make up 50% of the global workforce. At the Avalon Institute, we have the research, the experience, and customized workshops to bridge the gaps between your multi-generational -- and multi-talented -- workforce.

Empowering this incredibly diverse, highly connected, and often mislabeled generation could be the tipping point for your company’s success. Our goal is to help you uncover blind spots in your organization and tap into your formidable resource of young professionals. Additionally, our Millennial Fitness Model™ reveals tangible steps to improve your company’s millennial retention, engagement, productivity, and sustainability. Our workshops include:

  • Education on the Millennial generation,
  • Coaching to recognize your role in empowering Millennial employees,
  • Best practices for leading Millennials across a variety of industries,
  • Time and space for us to collaboratively develop what change looks like in your organization.

Whether you’re seeking to rescue an unhealthy workplace culture that’s crushing your team’s creativity, energy and performance or lead millennial employees more effectively, our team at the Avalon Institute stands ready to help you better engage your employees.

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