Leadership Assessments

Our range of assessments focus on the three aspects of High Human™ performance -- Thinking, Being, and Doing -- providing a comprehensive look at your own unique methods of processing information, making decisions, and interacting with others.

Customized debriefs of each assessment then help you dive deeper into your individual results and guide you to a better understanding of your preferences, strengths, and areas of improvement. Most importantly, Avalon team members will then help you create tangible ways to leverage this new knowledge in your own performance and maximize the performance of your team.


Cognitive Peak Profile (CPP)
We utilize neuroscience to demystify leadership, allowing you to effectively connect with teammates.
Thinking about how we think, or metacognition, is a crucial exercise to make us more effective in the workplace, at home, and in our daily lives. Our Cognitive Peak Profile (CPP) allows for an inside look at how your brain takes in and processes information. Using this innovative tool, we identify your preferred cognitive patterns -- and help you troubleshoot inputs that might not come as naturally -- to make you the most effective “You” that you can be.
As a supervisor, knowing and sharing the individual preferences of your team is an invaluable resource to maximizing their potential and achieving unprecedented group success.


ProScan PDP (PDP)
ProScan is a quick, easy and reliable survey tool that accurately assesses your basic and preferred working styles by measuring satisfaction and stress levels. It highlights your individual combination of specific traits that determines how you work most effectively and that guides your decision-making processes.
For the employer, ProScan focuses on individual team member's strengths and key motivators to help you create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy, efficiency, and morale.


The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (EQ)
The power of how you connect with others -- in life and in the workplace -- cannot be overlooked. The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (EQ) evaluates how well you understand and manage your own emotions and how well you understand and navigate the emotions of others. The EQ assessment is a critical tool for enhancing self-awareness, recognizing your personal accountabilities in social situations, and managing your behavior to maximize positive interactions.

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