Workshops & Conferences

The Avalon Institute provides professional speakers and educators with the mentoring, professional connections and comprehensive resources they need to engage with your team on both a personal and professional level. Our leaders reach your audience as thought leaders, coaches, consultants, educators, trainers, and motivators. Our Roundtable™ teammates represent proven, verified leaders in corporate, government and military spheres of influence. We recognize that each opportunity is different, and each event is unique, so we provide a customized and contextualized presentation that specifically aligns with the objectives/themes of your event.

  • Our speakers are proven professionals who are capable of hosting your event, or participating as a subject matter expert in a variety of disciplines.
  • We will provide prompt, professional replies to your email or phone call.
  • You can expect a personal phone consultation to better understand how we can best serve you and your audience
  • For public events, we can make an announcement about your event in our social media channels and on our blog.
  • We will deliver a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused upon reaching the outcomes you want to achieve with your audience.

Types of Engagements Available:

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